Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Making Headway: Some Updates

Just want to send a quick update to folks on what's been going on:

The group of advocates that I'm in touch with have been strategizing about how to effectively free A. and T., pursuing the fundraising work for both families and other forms of support for T's family, and putting together some strategies for bringing different people together who are interested in working on this situation. There have been some more inroads in getting in touch with community supporters of A.'s family, which I'll hopefully be able to detail later.

In addition, aside from us, a number of other sets of people are working on these issues. Some friends of T.'s set up an initial effort to help out. There are people in the Guinean community that have been active around A.'s case. There was a meeting in the Bangladeshi community (to which we sent a rep to try and form some bridges). A local Pakistani social-service organization has reportedly helped out T.'s family some and called for a meeting. And finally, there's a Muslim organization outside our grouping that's calling for a demonstration in New York on Sunday morning and doing some other work as well. You should check them out through their website, and, if you're interested in helping out, contact them directly at (718) 594-7237. There was a meeting today (Wednesday) and there will be another one tomorrow (Thursday).

Please note that this isn't an endorsement of any of these efforts--I just wanted to let you all know that there's a lot happening, orchestrated by a lot of different people from a lot of different communities; this issue is not going away.

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