Thursday, April 14, 2005

Basic Information: Bond Hearings

As you've been reading in recent posts, T's bond hearing was supposed to be tomorrow, but has been postponed. This post is designed to give you some info as to how bond hearings work and how they've changed, based on my limited knowledge and what I could dig up. If you're not familiar with how immigration proceedings generally work, here's a primer from the National Immigration Project of the National Lawyers Guild.

Bond hearings in immigration court are when we find out whether the person jailed will be allowed to post money to get out and how much it will be; unfortunately, from what I have heard, bond amounts for cases like this have reportedly skyrocketed since the U.S. government started profiling Muslims and people from Muslims countries. I'm speculating here based on past experience, but given that the judge already acceded to the government's request that the hearings be secret, I can't imagine what's going to come of this.

You can read some more about what's happened with bond hearings, extended jailing, and other cxonditions that have changed over the past few years here here at Human Rights Watch. The situations they document are not exactly analogous, but they speak to the underlying trends. You can also see some sample bond briefs that immigration lawyers might use from the National Immigration Project.

So that's what A and T are facing.

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