Thursday, May 12, 2005

Freedom For T.

(Apologies to all for being late to report this...)

Susanhbu at The Booman Tribune (and crossposted at Daily Kos), "One 16-year-old girl detainee "quietly" released":

"The U.S. government has dropped its cases against two 16-year-old "would-be suicide bombers," whose plight has been remarkably championed by Edkra and others.

Key: The girl from Guinea has returned to high school. The Bangladeshi girl remains in custody and faces deportation along with her parents.

Reports Democracy Now! and just a couple other news sources:

In New York a 16-year-old girl -- who the government accused of being a would-be suicide bomber -- has returned to her high school in East Harlem. Six weeks ago federal officials detained two 16-year-old girls - one from Guinea and one from Bangladesh. At the time the government claimed they were a "imminent threat to the security of the United States." ...

DN! continues:

For six weeks the government said little about their detentions despite a public outcry.

The case was cloaked in secrecy. Hearings were closed to the public. FBI comments were sealed. And attorneys were barred from disclosing government information.

But it now appears the government had no case at all and that the girls posed no threat.

The New York Times reports the government released the girl from Guinea and she returned to school on Friday.

Meanwhile the Bangladeshi girl remains in detention - but for immigration reasons, not national security. An immigration judge has ordered her and her parents to be deported.

Read the rest at BooTrib.

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